Green Supply Chains

Climate change is imposing an increasing pressure on our society to join forces and deal more sustainable with the world we live in. For the government, as well as consumers and companies, sustainability is becoming more and more important. The logistics sector, which is prominent in Flanders, will also have to contribute.
Alternative fuels, renewable energy, multimodality, less packaging, sustainable use of materials, the circular economy, … These are all visible trends that must continue and strengthen. The European ‘Green Deal’ is setting the bar high: the goal is ‘zero emission’.


The BIOloop project aims to design a decision support tool to analyze and optimize supply chain flows of biomass by-products through optimized logistics with the goal of better connecting supply and demand, ultimately resulting in more high-value bio-based applications for various industries.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation, Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Duurzame Logistieke Terreinen

With this project, VIL, VITO and UAntwerpen want to inspire and stimulate the logistics sector to make logistics sites and real estate more sustainable. This through cost and space-saving cooperation and the use of innovative technologies.

status: Running | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Bicycle Logistics XXL

Fietslogistiek naar een nieuw niveau tillen, dat is de ambitie van dit nieuwe VIL-project. Daarvoor wordt gekeken naar de nieuwe, grotere types fietsen en aanhangers, die o.a. ook geschikt zijn voor palletvervoer. Daarnaast kunnen aangepaste (netwerk)structuren verwerking van grotere volumes faciliteren. Voor welke stromen kunnen deze nieuwe types cargofietsen ingezet worden? En hoe kunnen ze geïntegreerd worden in bestaande logistieke flows?

status: In preparation | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: European


Cooperative and Interconnected Green delivery solutions The GREENLOG project investigates new innovative methods for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable urban logistics. In this project, the main focus is on better cooperation between all players that are part of the urban logistics ecosystem. Within Flanders, the cities of Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen are joining forces to […]

status: Running | theme: Green Supply Chains, Last mile | type: European


In the BILOG project, VIL and UHasselt will develop a methodology that will make Business Intelligence practical for all logistics companies.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation, Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Green Last Mile (E-Pack)

With Green Last Mile (e-Pack), VIL and partner VITO want to help web shops, logistics service providers and consumers to make sustainable choices.

status: Closed | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Plastics Recycling Hub

The circular economy is very important in the transition to a sustainable society. The extensive Flemish chemical sector also has its eyes on a circular future. VIL and VITO, together with the logistics, recycling and chemistry sectors, want to take important steps in the development of Flanders as a plastics recycling hub for Europe.

status: Closed | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Mobile Methanol Utilisation

In the project ‘Mobile Methanol Utilisation (MMU)’, VIL and UGent have researched what role green methanol can play in making ‘heavy duty’ logistics more sustainable.

status: Closed | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional


Brussels Airport’s Stargate project will be working with a consortium of 21 partners, including VIL, to make aviation and airports greener and more sustainable. Stargate includes building a biofuel blending installation at the airport, electric ground handling material and testing a new innovation that will make engine test runs much quieter.

status: Running | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: European


Road freight transport is moving towards a zero-emission future. In Logibat, VIL will investigate what the operational and economic conditions are to make battery-electric transport feasible and what the requirements are to roll out a nationwide charging network.

status: Closed | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional


The European Union funds a lot of research in the field of transport and logistics to support competitiveness and address climate change. The BOOSTLOG project, of which VIL is a partner, aims to systematically collect the results of these projects and to boost their impact.

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation, Green Supply Chains, Hinterland Connection, Last mile | type: European

Grants for companies and research institutions

Innovation is important. Innovation makes for better margins, for a better world. But innovation is not always easy and success is not always guaranteed. And it requires an investment from you, in people and in time.

That is why you can rely on the expertise of VIL and on a reserved budget for innovation projects related to logistics!

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