In the BILOG project, VIL and UHasselt will develop a methodology that will make Business Intelligence practical for all logistics companies.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation, Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Decisions are made every day in logistics companies, about purchases, quotations, investments in sustainable technology, strategy or business development, etc.
Ideally, such decisions are always well supported by figures so that the impact on the company can be calculated in detail. In practice, things are often different and one does not get around to making decisions based on this Business Intelligence (BI).
After all, many companies do not have this necessary digital data or they cannot efficiently collect and use the data they do have for reporting (e.g., sustainability or post-calculation). Use of data available from partners presents an even greater challenge.


In the BILOG project, VIL will develop a methodology that will make Business Intelligence practical for all logistics companies. This methodology will indicate how data can be collected and accessed and how you can use existing BI tools to analyze and visualize this data.
This data can be used as a basis for better commercial decisions in the company or for reports such as sustainability reports.


  • An up-to-date understanding of the profitability of orders and contracts ensures better business performance down the line.
  • Better access to relevant data, makes sustainability reporting feasible for all companies.

Concrete activities

  • Identify which data is needed and which is available, in which systems. Which data sets are necessary for analysis, reporting and
    policy decisions.
  • Develop a BI methodology for logistics (SME) companies, using existing BI systems.
    Hereby we focus on: efficiency, sustainability and strategic decisions.
  • Development of 2 Proof-of-Concepts, in cooperation with participating companies.
  •  Provide insight into the possibilities of business intelligence and develop a roadmap for implementation.

Practical details

Start: January 2023
End: end of 2024

Participating companies

19 companies: BDO Advisory, Bmatix, BOMA, Comax, DataSense, Famiflora – FamiTrans, Haesaerts Intermodal, IVBO, Multimodal Transports & Logistics (MTL), Nolmans Retail Support (Toychamp), Opslag en Distributie Ter Haeghe (ODTH), Seabird, TLCC, Transics International, Van De Velde, VPD, Vintra, Tailormade Logistics (TML) and Qargo.








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