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icoon-digitalisering-72dpi-pngDigitalization is one of the megatrends enabled by a lot of new innovative or disruptive technologies like  3D printing, Internet of Things, augmented reality, big data, robotics and artificial intelligence, … which will transform existing supply chains into more flexible, open, agile and collaborative (digital) business models both today and in the future.

The digital transformation is of the upmost importance for future sustainable growth and competitiveness within all branches. Logistic companies in Flanders must prepare and adapt their digital strategies. The deployment of advanced technology and open communication platforms are necessary to manage and control the supply chain processes efficient, flexible and reliable.

The ambition is to transform logistics Flanders into a digital supply highway.




Brussels Airport, the ports of Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Ostend, our gates to and from Europe and the world, create important economic added value, direct and indirect employment and attract major investments.

During the past few years much has been done to turn our “Flanders Gateways” into effective links in the modern day supply chain. However, in order to be ready for the new society, also known as “Society 4.0” where everything and everybody will be networked, and its related business concepts and models that find their way into the logistics landscape, the “Flanders Gateways” face the challenge of making a big leap forward. The keywords of the ports of the future are mega-infrastructure, inter-operability, inter-connectivity and collaborative models.

The ambition is to make Flanders gateways state-of-the-art nerve centres that make them the preferred hubs to and from Europe and the world.



icoon-duurzaamheid-72dpi-pngWhile digitalization, as a major driver of renewal, is on everybody’s lips, another transformation is also slowly underway. And it strikes at the very heart of the way we do business: a responsibility transformation, which puts sustainability at the core of the organization.

It seems like a paradox in our sector. On the one hand, logistics requires intensive investment in resources, capital, assets, and labor, and therefore has a considerable impact on the society and the environment. On the other hand, efficient logistics is vital to world trade and forms the backbone of many industries. In addition, customer delivery demands are becoming higher and higher.

Flanders has to become the paragon for sustainable trade and logistics. We must invest in new economies (circular economy, sharing economy), synchromodality, renewable energy, alternative fuels and smart city logistics. We must make the right choices to ensure that the logistics of today does not become a burden on future generations.

The ambition is to make Flanders first in class for sustainable business.



The retail landscape has been forever changed by e-commerce, and it is clear that we are witnessing only the beginning of a profound transformation in the way consumers buy products. The online shopper can choose from a continuously growing supply and has little regard for where his product is coming from. A store or web shop offering deliveries matching consumer wishes will be a step ahead in the competition for online customers.

As a result of this drive to provide “customer convenience”, we are seeing a trend away from single-/multi-channel towards omni-channel, in turn greatly increasing supply chain complexity. Physical and online sales channels are becoming increasingly interwoven: while traditional retailers are becoming increasingly active in the online world, more and more pure players are opening physical shops. We are evolving towards a model where a consumer can pick and choose from a whole range of products via all channels and can have his purchase delivered or picked up the way and time that suits him best.

The ambition is to turn the retail in Flanders into the ultimate customer convenience by merging bricks and clicks.


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