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Fill in the membership form to join the club of professionals who are able to make full use of the VIL’s services. Depending on the nature of your activities, you will either be accepted as a full or associate member. Should you wish, you may consult the memorandum of association from the Belgian Bulletin of Acts

Full members

Logistic service providers and shippers, whose company is based in Flanders, are the VIL’s primary target group and are therefore also entitled to vote at the general meeting. Membership fees vary according to the size of the company.

  •   < 100 employees
€ 575 / calendar year
  •  101 – 250 employees
€ 875 / calendar year
  •  251 – 1000 employees
€ 1.150 / calendar year
  • > 1000 employees 
€ 1.500 / calendar year

Associate members

Companies that are directly or indirectly involved in logistics and who are interested in the VIL’s activities (e.g. infrastructure managers, IT suppliers, consultants, real estate companies, etc.). Associate members pay a membership fee of € 1.150 per calendar year, with the exeption of logistic startups who enjoy the reduced rate of € 350 / calendar year, for a period of two years.


Want to join VIL? To register your company, simply enter your details below. You will be sent an invoice based on this information. Once we receive your payment, you can enjoy all of the benefits of VIL membership.

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    By joining, you automatically agree to your company’s inclusion in the list of members appearing on the website and in other promotional material.
    Membership is valid for a full calendar year (January-December).
    Depending on the date of joining, the membership subscription is calculated pro rata, with any month commenced counting as a full month.
    Membership is renewed automatically each year (in January).
    According to the by-laws, membership subscriptions may be index-linked and adjusted.
    If you no longer wish to remain a member, simply write or e-mail ( stating your reason for leaving.
    Notice of leaving must be received by December at the latest. In January, your membership will automatically be renewed for a full year.
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    VIL stands for a strong logistical Flanders

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