Green Last Mile (E-Pack)

With Green Last Mile (e-Pack), VIL and partner VITO want to help web shops, logistics service providers and consumers to make sustainable choices. To this end, VIL will develop a uniform calculation method and tool that can be used by webshops and logistics service providers to provide consumers with clarity on the impact of their logistical choices for packaging and shipping.

status: Running | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

Sustainability and e-commerce are two themes that dominate current events. The rise of online shopping has been accelerated by the corona crisis. Not only are more and more Belgians buying online, the number of parcels per Belgian is rising, and the online offer is becoming wider. This is causing an increasing debate about the sustainability of e-commerce.

On the one hand, there are discussions about the waste caused by packaging, the inconvenience of delivery trucks crossing cities, the sense and nonsense of same-day or next-day delivery and the impact of free returns. On the other hand, there are also studies that show that in a one-to-one comparison and in the right circumstances, e-commerce can be more sustainable than offline shopping.

These circumstances are situated in a number of areas: there is the chosen delivery method, the type of packaging that the webshop uses, the choice of vehicle type, the efficiency of the route and also consumer-specific issues such as the place of residence (rural vs. urban) and how the consumer travels to a pick-up point (on foot or by car).

Green Last Mile aims to provide concrete answers to the social debate on the sustainability of e-commerce.

Specific activities

  • Providing insight into existing knowledge and (scientific) consensus on the sustainability of the various delivery methods (including returns) and quantifying the impact of choices
  • Providing transparency on the sustainability of the various packaging methods and materials
  • Establishing a uniform calculation method for the sustainability of the various delivery methods
  • Creating a tool (basis for web application) that allows web shops, platforms and logistics service providers to make the sustainability impact of the various delivery and packaging choices clear to consumers

Practical details

Start: January 2022
End: September 2023

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Target Group

– Logistics service providers active in last mile e-commerce:
       – Parcel operators and networks of pick-up points (manned and unmanned)
       – Parties active in urban distribution
       – Bicycle couriers
       – Customization companies
– Webshops that place a high value on sustainability
– Packaging companies that are or want to become active in the e-commerce market
– Web designers and developers of plug-ins for web shops
– Platforms for e-commerce services (e.g. shipping service providers)

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