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VIL as single point of contact

VIL is appointed by the Flemish government as the single point of contact for the logistics sector. 

“VIL has a significant support of logistics companies, which makes it the ideal organisation to take the lead.”

Flemish minister of Economicsand Innovation, Philippe Muyters

Our goal is to create economic and social value for companies. 
 VIL represents more than 500 companies and works along leading strategic partners and a network at home and abroad. 


VIL aims to enhance the competitiveness of Flemish companies in the logistics sector by implementing sustainable and innovative concepts and technologies. Enabling Flanders to retain and strengthen its position as a top region for logistics in Europe.

Sustainable – Digital- Agile



Joining VIL means choosing competitiveness, innovation, commitment, know how, networking and much more.

Many shippers and logistics service providers, as well as other companies and organizations are convinced of the advantages of a VIL membership. The VIL-community counts already more than 500 members.

Logistics: your business, our passion.

Join us!

Project Sourcing

Our team of specialists with wide-ranging operational experience is at your service to provide customized advice. Thanks to our recognition for technological advice in the SME portfolio (DV.A211466 en DV.O211464) companies can receive public aid for our advice services and trainings.

We know the needs of our customers and put the right man on the job.


VIL focuses on 4 topics in which the difference can be made:

  • Digitalization
  • Flanders gateways
  • Sustainability
  • Omni-channel

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the strategy of our organisation and supervises the targets being reached.

Advisory Board

VIL projects should meet the needs and requirements of logistics companies. To ensure that they do so and that they actually enhance the competitiveness of our companies, project ideas are evaluated by an advisory board.


The VIL Team is made up of 29 motivated colleagues. You can find all their contact details here.



Download here the annual reports, logo, statutes, Good Governance Charter of the VIL.

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