Lean and Green

Lean and Green encourages and supports companies to drastically reduce the CO2-emissions of their transport and logistics activities.

VIL supports and guides companies who commits to improve their energy efficiency and their CO2-emissions in their transport and logistics activities and to reduce emissions by at least 20 % within a 5-year period.


The ‘Logistics Sustainability Index (LSI) is the first index that assesses the sustainability performance of a company’s logistics operations.

This annual index is a powerful tool that calculates a sustainability score based on a set of quantitative and qualitative criteria and indicators.

Charter Sustainable Logistics

As a Spearhead Cluster Logistics, VIL wants to explicitly focus on sustainability. However, sustainable logistics is not a matter of VIL alone, but rather of teamwork. All companies involved in logistics activities share the responsibility for tomorrow’s generation.

In August 2017, the VIL Charter Sustainable Logistics saw the light of day. Flemish entrepreneurs who proactively integrate sustainable logistics into their operations can express their social commitment by signing the VIL charter.

VIL stands for strong logistics in Flanders


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