VIL Logo

Download the VIL logo below. This logo is official and standardised and may not be changed in terms of content, colour, dimensions (except in height and width in proportion). No website other than that of VIL may be linked to the logo, the VIL website must not be “captured” in another website (in a frame), but must always be displayed freely in a window. Need a vector file? Send an email to

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VIL Statutes

Click here for the VIL statutes from the Belgian Offical Journal

VIL leaflet

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Good Governance Charter

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The Sustainable Logistics Charter of the VIL

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VIL stands for strong logistics in Flanders


De Burburestraat 6-8
B-2000 Antwerpen (Belgium)
T: +32 3 229 05 00
VAT: BE 0480.185.038