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Board of Directors

VIL has a Board of Directors which guarantees that the organization actually focuses on the real problems for which the sector requires short or long term solutions.

The Board is composed of 5 logistics service providers, 5 shippers and 5 partners. 13 mandates are currently filled.

On behalf of the logistics service providers

1. Danny Van Himste – Managing Director, DHL Express Belux (Voorzitter)
2. Gert Bervoets – CEO, H. Essers
3. Eric Dewaet – CEO, Hospital Logistics
4. Jef Huyben – Director Key Accounts, ECS
5. Dirk Lannoo – Vice President, Katoen Natie

Foto Logistieke Dienstverleners Website VIL 2014-2

On behalf of the shippers

1. Kurt Van Donink – General Manager, Nike Logistics Europe (Ondervoorzitter)
2. Wouter De Geest – Gedelegeerd Bestuurder, BASF
3. Danny Hendrikse – VP EMEA Supply Operations & Customer Support, Pfizer Service Company
4. Wim Baert – Director Administration & Logistics, Samsonite
5. Geert Bens – Vice President Purchasing & Transportation, Umicore

 On behalf of the partners

1. Peter Vercaemst – Unit Manager Sustainable Materials Management, VITO
2. Cathy Macharis – Head of Research group MOBI at VUB, VLIR
3. Jan Adriaenssens – Director City of Things, Imec


Annie Renders – Afdelingshoofd Clusterbeleid, VLAIO

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