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Advisory Board

It is important that VIL projects address the demands and needs of logistics companies. In order to ensure that this is the case and that projects actually increase the competitiveness of our companies, project proposals are evaluated by an advisory board.

Projects can only be approved by the Board of Directors if they receive a positive evaluation from the advisory board.

The advisory board is composed of academics as well as industry representatives.

On behalf of the academics

  • Marc Juwet, KU Leuven
  • Edwin van Hassel, UAntwerpen
  • Birger Raa, UGent
  • An Caris, UHasselt
  • Sara Verlinde, VUB

On behalf of the industry 

  • Hugo Van Herck, Yusen Logistics
  • Roel Smets, Alders Transport
  • Frank Van Steijvoort, Delhaize
  • Lode Verkinderen, TLV
  • Ilse Verdonck, Van Moer Logistics

On behalf of the shippers/retailers

  • Lieven Deketele, P&G
  • Lieven De Jonge, Covestro
  • André Céron, Dreamland
  • Hans Thibau, Atlas Copco
  • Regi Van Genechten, Galapagos
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