Warehouse 24/7

In the project Warehouse 24/7 VIL has developed an overall concept to enable 24/7 deliveries. VIL strives for a better use of the existing private and public infrastructure. At the same time the project provides a solution for the increasing queue times at loading and unloading areas and congestion on the roads.

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

Rescheduling transport from day to night is very topical. Since 2017 many terminals and container depots in the port of Antwerp are accessible during night hours. Also, terminals in the port of Ghent aspire to establish more activity during the night, but night opening hasn’t been a success everywhere. To establish night transport in a structured way, it is necessary to involve  warehouses, production centers, as well as transport companies in the hinterland.


This project has developed an overall concept to make deliveries outside the usual opening hours possible, using technological and infrastructural solutions. The concept keeps in mind, among other things, the safety of the driver, the security of the cargo, the economic feasibility (even for companies with smaller volumes) and other conditions like contractual liability and customs clearance.


  • Providing a solution for the increasing congestion problems
  • Night opening is mainly applicable within large companies. This project aims to look for and find solutions, even for smaller volumes
  • Better use of existing private and public infrastructure
  • Time savings during transportation and the economic impact of the reduction of congestion
  • Reducing peak moments at terminals and loading and unloading areas


  • In this project, VIL has developed a methodology that guides companies in taking the necessary steps to make day and night logistics possible 
  • The VIL guide enables companies to take a critical look at their own operations and develop a number of scenarios
  • It can be determined for each situation which value can be created for which stakeholder
  • The benefits are not only of a social nature, such as reducing congestion and emissions, but also of a business nature, such as broadening the service (capacity expansion) and savings
  • The government is also a stakeholder in this story and can encourage the ‘time shift’ by taking targeted measures
  • The VIL guide was worked out in practice at Katoen Natie and Ninatrans
  • Interested companies can start up their own company case under the guidance of VIL, applying the step-by-step plan to their own operation and the chain partners involved. 

Practical details

Start: March 2020
Total lead time: 18 months

Participating companies

10 companies: Colruyt Group, Distrilog, Gommeren, Handico Trucking, Katoen Natie, Lantis, MPET, Ninatrans, PM Trans and Port of Antwerp.


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