Gamification in Logistics

In Gamification in Logistics, game principles and play techniques are used in a professional context to better and more quickly integrate logistics workers from various opportunity groups into the workplace.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

With this project, VIL wants to introduce logistics companies to the technical and operational possibilities and offerings in Flanders regarding gamification, digital media and LMS. The project will also demonstrate how these can provide added value to logistics companies in training and communicating with disadvantaged groups.


This project will deliver a toolbox with practical guidelines to set up all crucial elements of a total approach and gamification strategy in an accessible way.


  • Addressing the workforce shortage and better integration and retention of disadvantaged groups
  • Addressing the training, onboarding, communication and motivation challenges of disadvantaged groups through the application of a comprehensive approach with gamification strategies and digital media
  • Shortening, increasing quality and effectiveness and reducing the cost of training, onboarding and corporate communications

Specific activities

  • Developing at least 2 modular games that allow companies to set up their own training courses or communications, possibly linked to their LMS
  • Developing a low-threshold and technology-neutral platform with limited LMS functionality tailored to the needs of logistics companies
  • Developing a roadmap for applying gamification strategies at logistics companies
  • Providing insight into training and psychological aspects and integration of opportunity groups. How can communication with and training of employees from opportunity groups in the company be addressed with attention to motivation, psychology and intrinsic communication?
  • Drafting a manual and setting up a toolbox for independent use of the developed platform and games offered to the participating companies
  • Setting up of 2 demonstrators based on the developed games and platform

Practical details

Start: December 2022
End: May 2025

Participating companies

17 companies: ASAP Interim, Barry Callebaut, Carglass, Colruyt Group, Coolblue, Deny Logistics, DSV Solutions, Easy Systems, ExoVibe, Honda Motor Europe Logistics, IKEA Distribution Benelux Genk, Kraanbedrijf Buermans, Provincie Antwerpen, Scania Parts, VDAB, Vervoer en Opslag VPD and Vintra.





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