The c-SBO project SYTADEL (SYnchromodal proTotype for Data Sharing and PLanning) conducted by VIL together with imec, UAntwerpen and Vlerick applies the principles of data spaces within the logistics chain. The focus is on creating the logistics data space.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

The focus of the project is on creating a logistics data space, where data is shared to plan transportation more efficiently and sustainably.
There is growing international momentum around designing and implementing mechanisms for sharing data between organizations. This is especially looking at dataspaces, which are decentralized platforms where data is kept with its owner. Today, several umbrella initiatives are already underway, but it remains to develop concepts.


Only by putting those concepts into practice within a specific implementation context can they be evaluated and further refined. This is what the SYTADEL project will do: apply state-of- the-art dataspace technology in the context of logistics synchromodal planning. Synchromodal planning was selected for its relevance to the future of logistics and for its strong dependence on a logistics dataspace.


  • Elaborating the design principles of data spaces
  • Delivery of synchromodal scheduling algorithms
  • Delivering business and governance model principles
  • Testing concrete use cases in consultation with project participants in a living lab
  • Developing roadmap for scaling up and deploying logistics dataspaces in Flanders

Practical details

Start: april 2022
Total lead time: 36 months

Participating companies

15 companies: ArcelorMittal Belgium, De Vlaamse Waterweg, Digitaal Vlaanderen, ECS, Hakka, Lineas, Mobito Technology, Nike Logistics Europe, OECO-part of Cronos Group, POM West-Vlaanderen, Port+, Procter & Gamble Services company, Shipit Multimodal Logistics, Urban Waterway Logistics and Wienerberger.

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