Smart Vision

With the Smart Vision project, VIL wants the Flemish logistics sector to gain practical experience with the new generation of vision technology and application software. How can they increase the productivity and efficiency of logistics operations? How can they create added value in practice, also in SME companies?

status: Starting up | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

Portable mini-computers with built-in cameras are becoming smart extensions of the human body in the form of tablets, smartphones and smart glasses. The use of smart glasses in logistics is currently limited, although the new generation offers opportunities to perform logistics tasks more efficiently and correctly in a very user-friendly manner. They are more efficient, more robust and cheaper: no more expensive customization but a simple web application to quickly configure your own scenarios and flows, or APIs for integration with WMS or other existing applications.

Smart fixed cameras can also be used for various logistical tasks such as quality control, counting, identification, location, etc. Other applications are also in the picture, such as remote support for technicians. For inspections and controls, maintenance of equipment, training and monitoring of new employees or remote interventions by managers, they can offer interesting opportunities.

Specific activities

  • Mapping the state of the art of vision technology and relevant applications in other sectors
  • By means of a needs analysis of (SME) companies, investigating why existing solutions are not yet being used or are being used only to a limited extent
  • Gaining insight into current and potential new applications in logistics
  • Determining under what conditions the solutions in the various applications are operationally and economically feasible
  • Offering companies insight into the possibilities by setting up a step-by-step plan

Practical details

Start: November 2021
End: September 2023

Subject to formal approval by VLAIO, Flander Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

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Target group

– Shippers and logistics service providers involved in logistics operations such as picking, consolidation, receiving and shipping, quality control
– Technology providers and software developers active in vision applications for logistics and industry
– Companies active in maintenance of logistics assets or installations
– Companies active in the maintenance or management of logistics buildings and infrastructure
– Control bodies, damage experts, …

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