SETO is developing an innovative digital solution that gives authorities real-time access to all the information needed for smart enforcement of transport and safety legislation with a single click. This reduces the administrative burden and ensures more efficient and consistent controls. SETO uses advanced information exchange technologies and extends the system to multimodal transport. The project will be validated technically and economically in a Pilot and stakeholder workshops.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation | type: European

The current system for enforcement of transport directives and regulations is time-consuming, labour-intensive, inefficient and does not check all subjects (e.g. only random vehicles are checked). This places a burden on controlling authorities and reduces the efficiency of enforcement procedures, with consequences such as traffic congestion, damage to roads and infrastructure, disruption in the supply chain, increased greenhouse gas emissions and social unrest. Therefore, Smart Enforcement of Transport Operations (SETO) introduces a digital platform that collects data from various sources and digitises data. The platform integrates this data from other relevant platforms, ensures data security and uses blockchain technology for immutable data.

SETO will improve the efficiency and consistency of enforcement decisions by enabling real-time data collection and faster decision-making. The project also includes development of key technologies, validation in pilot demonstrations and promotion of awareness and management. SETO will provide a digital enforcement platform that will be able to automatically enforce the safe loading of vehicles, provide reliable vehicle position-time-speed data and enable information exchange in multimodal and cross-border contexts. Furthermore it will make it possible to conduct economic feasibility studies and involve stakeholders. All this will help to promote a fairer European transport market.

VIL’s role in the project

VIL is responsible for setting up a practical framework within the project. This framework deals with managing data, collecting key performance indicators (KPIs) and engaging stakeholders. The framework includes several indicators that measure how the project will impact on technology, economy, social aspects and environment.

In addition, VIL will play an important role in technical communication with stakeholders and validation of the system. We will set up a Triple Helix of stakeholders, consisting of representatives from the academic sector, industry and government, and guide them in testing the enforcement platform in real situations. Regular stakeholder workshops will be organised to gather feedback for further development of the smart enforcement solution, technologies and impact validation.


  • An innovative enforcement system with instant access to real-time digital information on vehicle, driver and cargo for competent authorities
  • Making the transport market fairer and more competitive by implementing the principles of ” Compliance by design ” and ” Compliance by default “
  • More efficient use of resources and increased productivity for public authorities and transport companies through reduced administrative burden and improved control efficiency
  • Improved working conditions and increased attractiveness for transport workers by reducing the pressure on them as the main persons responsible for law compliance
  • Faster implementation of e-government services by authorities and use of digital solutions by transport companies to exchange information
  • Fewer transport accidents, incidents and deaths due to better road transport compliance
  • Faster adoption of safe and environmentally friendly connected mobility technologies (CCAM) in passenger and freight transport.

This project was co-sponsored by “Horizon Europe” an EU grant programme to stimulate innovation. Two other Flemish parties are also participating within the consortium, namely our member Transics, OHB, UWL and one Walloon party SPW.

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