Safe Warehouse

In the project Safe Warehouse VIL intents to increase the security of employees on logistics sites, by researching which technologies can offer solutions to the most common safety risks. The use of new technologies ensures that the company, as well as the sector, is considered more attractive as a potential employer.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

Creating a safe work environment is challenging in a sector being ruled by speed, many physical operations, combined with the use of equipment. National safety statistics ( confirm the high frequency rate of accidents and the absence of a downward trend in the logistics sector. That downward trend is visible in other high risk sectors, like construction.

This project will map the safety risks and accidents at work at the participating companies, to get a better insight in the specific risks and needs of the sector.
Furthermore, VIL will analyze which technologies are on the market and being used for safety purposes in other sectors than logistics. Accident prevention systems that are already being used in the logistics sector, as well as state of the art solutions of technology providers and research institutions, will also be part of the analysis, keeping GDPR and privacy issues in mind.


This project aims to increase the safety on logistics sites by applying new technological solutions.

Specific activities

  • Analyzing the current ‘state of the art’, the existing risks and best practices
  • Researching the specific needs of the sector
  • Mapping possible solutions
  • Developing a selection tool
  • Setting up a Proof of Concept
  • Starting up relevant company projects
  • Summarising the lessons learned

Practical details

Start: February 2021
Total lead time: 23 months

Participating companies

Atlas Copco Airpower, Delhaize Belgium, Gheys Logistics (BLC), H.Essers, Eutraco, Logflow, Lopos, Mainfreight Logistics Services Belgium and Molenbergnatie.









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