PILL: Physical Internet Living Lab

The cSBO project PILL, executed by VIL imec and MOBI VUB, aims to make logistical processes more efficient, reliable, flexible and sustainable, using the Physical Internet. The project will build a prototype of the IT system which will allow the ports to be a part of the Physical Internet.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation, Hinterland Connection | type: Regional

Physical Internet is a very innovative concept to organize logistic processes differently. Via PI, freight transport can be organized from start to destination in the most optimal way. This makes synchromodal transport possible. Synchromodal transport is a form of multimodal transport in which it does not matter what means of transport are used, as long as the cargo arrives at its destination at the agreed time. Logistics chains therefore become more efficient and sustainable. PILL, a cSBO-project, aims to contribute to academic as well as applied knowledge. In order to strike that balance between being rooted in practice and being academically grounded, the Living Lab-toolkit has proven itself to be most suited.

The main goal of PILL is to use the state-of-the art resources of the Physical Internet (knowledge, hardware and software) in one or more pilot projects in Flanders. Those pilot projects will first focus on maritime logistics processes within Flemish ports.   VIL is developing this project with:      

Practical details

Start: January 2021 Total lead time: 36 months

Participating companies

AirCargoBelgium, ALICE, Delcatrans, De Vlaamse Waterweg, Dockflow, DP World, Federal Public Service Finance, GS1, Lanark, Lineas, Microsoft, MOW, NxtPort, Procter&Gamble, POM West-Vlaanderen, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge, PSA, Rombit, Sensolus, The Beacon, Tri-Vizor and Ubidata.    








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Contact Geert Verbelen (geert.verbelen@vil.be) or visit the project website.

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