Log!Ville is the landmark innovation centre for the logistics ecosystem.

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation, Green Supply Chains, Hinterland Connection | type: European

The power of visualisation, customisation and digital storytelling immerses businesses in the logistics of the future – an unforgettable experience. The demonstration centre is home to the very latest technological supply chain advances. Automation, digitisation and the sustainability of the logistics ecosystem are the centre of focus. Together with professional partners – each of which are pioneers in their field – Log!Ville inspires businesses to embrace logistical innovation.

After four years, the Log!Ville project of VIL, with the support of EFRO and POM Antwerp, has been realized. The non-profit organization Log!Ville was established in July 2021 and the official opening took place on October 4, 2021. Log!Ville is backed by over 30 partners, all pioneers in their field, helping us to discover and create the world of tomorrow.

The construction and exploitation of Log!Ville fits in an EFRO project, in which VIL cooperated with POM Antwerp. For this VIL and POM Antwerp received 2.634.500 euros of support.



Galilleilaan 3
2845 Niel

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Opening Ceremony October 2021

Foundation stone laying ceremony

Press Releases (only available in Dutch)

VIL persbericht – 04/10/2021 – Opening grootste innovatie- en democentrum voor logistiek in Europa

VIL persbericht – 22/05/2019 – POM Antwerpen en VIL leggen eerste steen logistiek demonstratiecentrum Log!Ville.



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