Food packaging of the future

The current push strategy for food packaging does not take sufficient account of the demands, needs and wishes of everyone involved in the chain. Moreover, new distribution channels (e-commerce, food delivery, omnichannel) and an increasing diversity of food products pose new challenges to food packaging. To face these challenges and utilize the opportunities to the full, there is a need for a cross-chain, cross-industry, demand driven approach of food packaging.

status: Closed | theme: Green Supply Chains | type: Regional

The main goal of the feasibility study is to define a mutual vision and strategy concerning the food packaging of the future. This must result in a road map that descibes specific focus areas to deal with technological, legal and/or economic barriers and limitations and to achieve the innovations wanted by companies.

The main applicant and contractor of the project is the non-profit organisation Pack4Food.
Co-applicants and contractors of this project als Flanders’ FOOD and VIL. The project is supported by Catalisti and SIM.

Practical details

Start: September 2018
Total lead time: 12 months

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