In this project, VIL will develop an innovative, digitized, logistics collaboration model that gives the Flemish ornamental plant sector a strong chance of having a viable business model for the future.

status: Running | theme: Last mile | type: Regional

The Flemish ornamental plant cultivation sector is strongly export-oriented and world market leader for specific products. The sector consists of relatively small, family-owned companies that produce various plants and flowers with specific requirements regarding shelf life, packaging and format. The current supply chain is relatively complex and inefficient. Moreover, increasing foreign competition and the growing demand for e-commerce, both in the B2B and B2C markets, pose additional challenges to the sector.

Only through increased cooperation, application of a smart logistics model and further digitalization can the Flemish floriculture industry meet these challenges and convert them into new opportunities for growth.


VIL wants, in collaboration with PCS (Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt), to design an optimal future-oriented omnichannel model for the Flemish floriculture sector, taking into account the implantation of growers, traders and customers. The model will allow the sector to increase the profitability of current activities and to maximize the opportunities of the growing e-commerce.

To make the efficiency gains clear, a sector-wide business case calculation of the model will be done based on predefined scenarios. Also, a business case calculation tool will be developed that will allow the individual floriculture companies to determine the financial impact of the model on their logistics costs.

Finally, a digital supply chain platform will be designed, starting from the existing range of digital tools. This platform will act as a neutral matchmaker for supply and demand. It will allow to manage stock management, transportation planning, sales and traceability in a paperless logistics environment.

Specific activities

  • Mapping of companies (clusters), analysis of current practices and market environment
  • Assessing potential and barriers to cooperation and digitalization (experiences, challenges)
  • Clustering of companies, bundling of flows and drafting of the omnichannel logistics model
  • Drawing up a high level business case for the sector
  • Developing an improved solution for return logistics
  • Designing a digital solution (matching supply and demand, planning, stock management, traceability, webshop connection, paperless trade)
  • Elaboration of the business and governance model that guarantees trust and confidentiality
  • Research into synergies with other goods flows (supply)
  • Developing the business case calculation tool
  • Start and supervision of 1 or 2 pilot projects

Practical details

Start: april 2022
End: maart 2024

Subject to formal approval by VLAIO, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Target group

The project targets all companies active in the Flemish ornamental plant sector: growers, traders, transport companies, garden centers and providers of specialized equipment and digital solutions.

VIL stands for strong logistics in Flanders


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