Driver 4.0

The transport sector has been facing an acute shortage of truck drivers for years. The profession is becoming increasingly more complex and demanding, and suffers from a negative image. With the project “Driver 4.0”, VIL, together with partner UHasselt, wants to increase the influx and retention of truck drivers. A toolkit will be developed to increase the attractiveness of the profession and to ensure a better match between driver expectations and competence profile.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

In Flanders, the profession of truck driver has been prominent in the VDAB’s list of bottleneck occupations for several years now and this shortage is defined as a structural problem that will go on for several years.

The reasons for this shortage are the negative image of the profession and the working conditions that deter the influx of new younger (and /or female) drivers. In addition, the sector is aging and characterized by a high outflow due to retirement.
Failure to address the structural driver shortage will lead to a disrupted economy, higher consumer prices and disrupting the continuous supply of goods.


With this project, VIL and its partner Uhasselt want to achieve more inflow and higher retention in the transport sector through the integration of HRM on the level of the driver by:

  • developing a methodology and toolkit (set of measures) to increase the attractiveness of the profession based on better matching between driver expectations and competence profiles
  • identifying and applying technology that contributes to this
  • creating an innovative view of the profession

Specific activities

  • Mapping different categories of drivers and their expectations
  • Establishing necessary competence profiles
  • Listing good and bad practices that affect the attractiveness of the profession
  • Investigating which technological applications can help to tackle the driver shortage
  • Using the results of surveys with (potential) drivers to obtain better substantive skills matching
  • Creating of a toolkit to increase the retention and influx of drivers
  • Executing 2 pilot projects
  • Monitoring behaviour and satisfaction of drivers and participating companies to evaluate the toolkit.


Practical details

Start: April 2020
End: september 2022

Participating companies

13 companies: Eutraco, Gert Snel, Gilbert De Clercq, Hertsens, H.Essers, SD Worx, Trafuco, Transport Gheys, Transport Mervielde, Transport Michiels, TVM Belgium, Van Moer Group and Xwift.


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