DISpATch (Digital Twin for Synchromodal Transport)

In this project VUB, VIL, UHasselt and KULeuven focus on synchromodality to absorb the growth of goods transport. A platform will be developed that creates a test environment using a digital twin component, to simulate synchromodal transport in a risk-free environment.

status: Running | theme: Hinterland Connection | type: Regional

Making synchromodality a reality is not an easy task. In making informed decisions concerning real time transport modes, ons needs insight in the current situation, as well as the impact the different options have on the situation.

The stakeholders will be able to simulate different scenarios in a risk-free environment using the tool, and make real time informed decisions based on that information.

The Digital Twin will contain the necessary information and models needed to solve the tasks concerning inventory management, freight transport and network planning. It will measure real time synchromodal complexities, evaluate different decisions and offer alternatives, using mathematical and simulation models as well as machine learning algorithms.

Practical details

Start: September 2019
Total lead time: 48 months


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