DISCO (Data-driven, Integrated, Synchromodal, Collaborative and Optimized) explores opportunities for secure data sharing via data spaces in urban logistics. Together with the city of Ghent, IMEC & Be-Mobile, VIL will develop the Dynamic Access Control concept, which allows information on access rules to the city to be used in planning systems of transporters, into a concrete and applicable system in the Ghent city center.

status: Running | theme: Digital transformation | type: European

Dataspace technology can provide secure and efficient data exchange, without losing control of your own data. But in addition, more and more efficient solutions for transportation in the city can be found by analyzing available data from all parties involved together. This should therefore create a win-win situation for all stakeholders in urban logistics. 48 European partners will set up and test new applications in eight different European cities, including Ghent. Central to this is the smart use of public space (both streets, parking lots and buildings).


VIL is leading the living lab in Ghent. Within this lab, Imec, the City of Ghent, Be-Mobile, OHB and VIL are joining forces to optimize access to the city for logistics traffic in Ghent. Building further on the knowledge of the European Token project, a new version of the Dynamic Access Controller (DAC) will be built. DAC allows planning systems of logistics parties to immediately take into account the access rules to the city.

The new version will also show road works, loading & unloading zones and ideal routes. A calculator will also be built in, which calculates the financial and sustainability costs for logistics parties. If it can be done faster and cheaper through sustainable last-mile players, these solutions will be proposed to the carriers. In this way a transporter can avoid the busyness of the city with an economic and ecological benefit for all stakeholders in the city.


  • Establish and test Data-space technology for secure data exchange within urban logistics
  • Build and test updated version of Dynamic Access Controller (DAC) from the European Token project
  • Provide city access rules digitally to transport planning systems
  • Gain data-driven insights into city logistics
  • Create data-driven policies for city logistics

Practical details

Start: May 2023
Total lead time: 42 months

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