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The current postal address system is not adapted to the logistic requirements for delivering goods. In this project VIL will develop an app that allows companies to determine more specific location codes, along with a delivery passport that connects the location codes to individual delivery wishes and specifications.

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The outdated system of postal addresses often leads to loss of time, more delivery rounds and the loss of flexibility. In addition, there is not yet a generally used delivery passport that links destinations to specific delivery specifications and wishes, such as delivery times, opening hours, back-up delivery addresses, specific needs (cooled delivery, extra security,…).

VIL will develop a ready to use, user friendly application that combines location codes and delivery passports.


This project offers the opportunity to the stakeholders to co-develop and test this new system and the specifics of the app.
The use of the application will lead to more efficient planning and execution, a higher service level thanks to the up-to-date interaction between service providers and their customers.


Specific activities

  • Mapping the needs of the different stakeholders and the logistics sector in general
  • Mapping the existing best practices (e.g. the Dutch address code system, existing apps,…)
  • Listing the different application possibilities
  • Capturing the specifics of the delivery passport
  • Capturing the specifics and methodology of the unique location code
  • Listing the needs functionalities of the application (user interface, data sharing to other systems, data management, privacy/GDPR and other technical aspects.)
  • Testing the functionalities with the participating companies
  • Creating a user manual and training
  • Creating a proposal to roll out the new system on a large scale

Practical details

Start: December 2020
Total Lead Time: 21 months

Participating companies

Seventeen companies: Bycykel, Cargo Velo, DHL Parcel Belgium, Foodsprint, GEO Solutions, GIS Belgium, GLS Belgium Distribution, OOvelo, PostNL Pakketen België, Renewi,, Universiteit Gent, UZ Gent, Vanheede Environmental Group, Zetes and Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg.


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