The Physical Internet: an open logistics system which pursues physical, digital and operational interconnectivity trough clustering data, interfaces, protocols, etc. VIL participated the European project SENSE which aims to use the Physical Internet to achieve co-modal transport services on a European level, within a well synchronizes, intelligent and seamless network, and thereby give optimal support to the supply chain.

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation | type: European


The project concerns a Coordinating and Support Action (CSA). This CSA focuses on the possible applications of the Physical Internet. A CSA does not focus on the research itself, but on the coordination and networking of projects, programs and policies. This includes:

  • Coordination and network activities, dissemination and use of knowledge
  • Studies and expert groups that support the implementation of the Framework Program
  • Actions that promote the involvement of SME’s, the civil society and networks


The specific goals of the SENSE project are:

  • To reach a broad consensus about the Physical Internet and the road map
  • To build a strong methodology to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Physical Internet
  • To establish a Physical Internet knowledge platform
  • To achieve a better alignment between stakeholders (EU members states, the European Commission, etc.) and to promote a stronger cooperation with P.I.-initiatives in the U.S. and Asia


ETP – Alice: Alliance for logistics innovation through collaboration in Europe: coordinator
Procter & Gamble Services Company NV
FM Logistics Corporate
Stichting TKI Logistiek
Poste Italiane – Societa per Azione
Interporto Bologna spa
Fraunhofer IML
Centro Nacional de Competencia en Logistica Integral
Instytut Logistuki i Magazynowania (ILIM)
Technische Universiteit Delft
Association pour la recherche et le développement des méthodes et processus industriels
Kuhne Logistics University GmbH
Bluegreen Strategy Srl
FIT Consulting Srl
Netzwerk Logistik
VIL vzw

The website of the European Technology Platform (ETP) ALICE provides more information about this project:


Start: 17 October 2017
End: March 2021

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This project is supported by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program of the European Union.

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