Take part in projects

To increase the competitiveness of Flemish logistics companies, VIL carries out projects on Collective Knowledge Development and Knowledge Transfer (COOCK). ‘Collective’ means that the project is aimed at a group of companies. 80% of the project cost is subsidised, 20% is financed by the participating companies.

In addition, VIL also focuses on innovative business projects (research and development projects), multidisciplinary research projects, strategic basic research and EU projects (Horizon Europe).

Carry out your own project

Bring your project idea to VIL. VIL will consider with you what’s the best option: a collective project with other companies, a fully bespoke project (e.g. contract research) or any other project.

Get a head start

VIL members have access to first-hand information about announcements and projects. So you are there when new projects arise. Keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of sustainable logistics.

Free publications

Members receive all VIL publications for free, by mail or electronically: project reports with useful ROI models and handy best practices, the VIL newsletter,…
Members also have exclusive access to the VIL knowledge library.

Expand your knowledge …

As a VIL member, you can take part for free or receive a substantial discount on our events and conferences. The programme always includes actual cases and company stories of genuine interest to participants.

… and your network

VIL also offers the ideal forum for networking with logistics professionals from the widest range of sectors by participating in VIL events, seminars, trade fairs, theme cafés. New Year reception, company visits, etc. Not just the logistics sector: VIL brings together a unique mix of companies and organizations from a wide variety of sectors: shippers and logistics service providers as well as IT, engineering, consultancy, HR, construction and real estate companies, public bodies and knowledge institutions.

Highlight your company

New members are introduced in the newsletter and on the website and appear in lists of members. Companies that take part in projects have even more opportunities to be highlighted, at events, in media articles,…

VIL stands for strong logistics in Flanders


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