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To increase the competitiveness of Flemish logistics companies, VIL carries out Collective Knowledge Development and Knowledge Transfer Projects (COOCK). ‘Collective’ means that the project is meant for a group of companies. 70 % of these projects is subsidized, 30 % is financed by the participating companies.

Furthermore VIL supports innovative company projects (research and development), multidisciplinary reasearch projects, strategic basic research and EU-projects (H2020).


Driver 4.0

The transport sector has been facing an acute shortage of truck drivers for years. The profession is becoming increasingly more complex and demanding, and suffers from a negative image. With the project “Driver 4.0”, VIL, together with partner UHasselt, wants to increase the influx and retention of truck drivers. A toolkit will be developed to […]

status: Starting up | type: Regional

Rural Parcel Delivery

In the project “Rural Parcel Delivery”, VIL wants to improve efficiency in the delivery of parcels in rural areas. A model of collaboration in geographic clusters with shared cross-docking capacity will be studied and tested to arrive at the most optimal economic and social situation.

status: Starting up | theme: Omni-channel | type: Regional

Warehouse 24/7

In the project ‘Warehouse 24/7” VIL aims to develop an overall concept to enable 24/7 deliveries. VIL strives for a better use of the existing private and public infrastructure. At the same time the project aims to provide a solution for the increasing queue times at loading and unloading areas and congestion on the roads.

status: Starting up | theme: Digitalization | type: Regional


The Horizon 2020 project ULaaDS aims to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of new ‘zero-emission’ solutions for urban logistics. The focus is on the logistic challenges due to the on-demand economy. ULaaDS will contribute to ‘zero-emission’ city logistics in the European Union in 2030.

status: Starting up | theme: Sustainability | type: European


The Horizon 2020 project TOKEN researches the added value of the use of “Distributed Ledger Technologies” (DLT) – like blockchain – in the public sector. Aspects of urban logistics, like smart loading and unloading areas and locations for mobile delivery points, will be part of this project.

status: Running | theme: Digitalization | type: European


In the intercluster project Re2Live VIL cooperates with Sirris, SIM, VITO, Flux50 and VUB to research how companies in Flanders can respond to the opportunities of the growing market of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. Recycling these batteries offers both challenges and opportunities for the Flemish industry and logistics sector.  

status: Starting up | theme: Sustainability | type: Regional


In the project Logigrid, spearheadclusters VIL and Flux50 will collaboratively research how Smart Microgrids can contribute to the electrification of the Flemish logistics sector and its transition to renewable energy.

status: Starting up | theme: Digitalization, Sustainability | type: Regional


In this project ‘Hydrolog’, VIL will research the opportunities of the use of hydrogen for internal means of transport. The development of a business model in which several companies will be supplied by a mutual mobile hydrogen filling station, VIL aims to facilitate the transition to cost-efficient use of hydrogen.

status: Running | theme: Sustainability | type: Regional

Future Proof Warehousing

In the project Future Proof Warehousing VIL aims to offer companies more insight in the possibilities of digitization and automation for more efficient, safe and future proof warehouses. This project will guide companies in making meaningful choices in the transformation of their warehouses in a realistic way. VIL will develop a practical selection tool that […]

status: Running | theme: Digitalization | type: Regional

Smart Driver Pass

In the project ‘Smart Driver Pass’ VIL will design an app for access systems in the logistics sector. The goal is a uniform, remote and contactless system that provides drivers access to company sites in Flanders to load and unload their goods.

status: Running | theme: Digitalization | type: Regional

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