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To increase the competitiveness of Flemish logistics companies, VIL performs projects with and for companies. Depending on the type of project different funding rates are applicable.


Zorghubs (Healthcare hubs)

Hospitals and health facilities have limited insight in logistic costs. Logistics is no core business for health institutions, but that doesn’t make it less important. The pressure on the budgets, strict regulations and changing medical needs of the patients make it necessary  to reorganize health logistics.  In the project ‘Zorghubs’ (Healthcare hubs) VIL is researching […]

status: In preparation | thema: Sustainability | type: Regional


Log!Ville is the name of VIL’s future logistics demonstration centre in the Science Park in Niel (Antwerp). Log!Ville will be a landmark experience centre that focuses on logistics in its totality. The demonstration centre will be situated at the entry of the Science Park and will cover more that 2.500 m².

status: Running | thema: Digitalization | type: European

R!sult (Responsive Sustainable Urban Logistics)

Local authorities are trying to maintain the liveability in the city centres. Cities in Flanders are growing and traffic congestion is a continuously growing problem. The increasing number of deliveries can been seen as one of the causes.  In the project ‘R!sult” VIL is researching an integrated solution for city deliveries.

status: In preparation | thema: Sustainability | type: Regional

Urban Waste Collection

Companies located in city centres generate high volumes of different kinds of waste. Local authorities are imposing more and more restrictions to company vehicles in cities. Urban waste collection is thereby becoming more and more difficult. To increase efficiency, investments in technology and material are necessary. But how do companies handle this and which investments […]

status: Running | thema: Sustainability | type: Regional

Bouwhubs (Construction hubs)

The logistic costs in the construction industry are considerably high. It is also getting harder and harder to get deliveries to construction sites on time, due to increasing mobility problems. VIL, together with the research center of the construction industry (BBRI), is working out the project ‘Bouwhubs’ (which means ‘construction hubs’ in Dutch) to develop and test the concept of a construction hub.

status: Running | thema: Sustainability | type: Regional

ICT paradox

This project deals with the ICT paradox in Flanders. A highly developed ICT industry is present in our region. Yet a lot of companies experience difficulties in getting an overview of this fast evolving environment and in setting clear goals to make their digital transformation tangible and feasible. Moreover, the ICT industry is often not involved with digital transformation initiatives.

status: Running | thema: Digitalization | type: Regional


‘ORDinL’ is a scientific research project run by the KU Leuven, in cooperation with VUB and UHasselt. The goal of this project is to develop fundamental knowlegde on datadriven optimalisation in logistics and to apply this knowlegde in a new operational decision support methodology.

status: Running | thema: Digitalization | type: Regional

Food packaging of the future

The current push strategy for food packaging does not take sufficient account of the demands, needs and wishes of everyone involved in the chain. Moreover, new distribution channels (e-commerce, food delivery, omnichannel) and an increasing diversity of food products pose new challenges to food packaging. To face these challenges and utilize the opportunities to the […]

status: Running | thema: Durability | type: Regional

SCOPE: Strategic Competence Forecast for Logistics

Technological evolutions impact what current and future logistic employees should be able to do and know. A competence forcast clarifies the expected shifts, which allows to anticipate and suggest adjustments on education.

status: Running | thema: Digitalization | type: European

Blockchain in Supply Chains

With this project VIL is looking for the added value of blockchain technology in logistic applications. The focus of this project will be sectors where a safe supply chain is a high priority, like the food, chemical and life science sector. VIL will also examine how blockchain relates to other track & trace solutions in these sectors.

status: Running | thema: Digitalization | type: Regional

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