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Urban Waste Collection

Companies located in city centres generate high volumes of different kinds of waste. Local authorities are imposing more and more restrictions to company vehicles in cities. Urban waste collection is thereby becoming more and more difficult. To increase efficiency, investments in technology and material are necessary. But how do companies handle this and which investments are needed? The VIL project ‘Urban Waste Collection’ is looking for answers to these questions.

status: Running | theme: Sustainability | type: Regional

The collection of company waste is executed by specialised waste companies. These parties are being confronted with a proliferation of rules imposed by local authorities: time windows, low emission zones, banning of heavy traffic, speed limites, circulation plans, … From a logistic point of view, waste collection is getting more and more difficult.

With this project VIL means to bring the involved stakeholders together to work out and test cost-effective, practicable and widely supported logistic solutions.


The logistic concepts will be usable in all Flemish cities.

From a social point of view, this project contributes to the liveability in Flemish cities and offers perspectives for a maximum recovery of urban waste.

Specific activities

  • To offer insight by:
    • A short situating analysis of waste flows (case studies of two cities)
    • A summary of the current and expected limitations and their impact
    • A summary of social factors that are important to accomplish supported solutions
  • To map out best practices concerning urban waste management
  • To define solutions, develop them and evaluate their impact
  • To research possibilities for more circularity due to a innovative logistic approach
  • To apply the concept in practice (proof of concept)
  • To develop a cost-benefit analysis of the concept (costs and environment)
  • To formulate policy recommendations

Practical details

Start: april 2018
Total lead time: 27 months

Participating companies

Thirteen companies: Bebat, IMOG, INOVIM, IVAGO, IVBO, MCA Recycling, Mirom (Milieuzorg Roeselare en Menen), Recupel, Renewi, stad Genk, stad Mechelen, Suez en Vanheede Environmental Group.


VITO, an independent Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development, is partner in this project.

Advisory group

VIL can count on the support of Go4Circle, MOW, OVAM, Val-i-Pac en VVSG (Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten).



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