RPA Databots

In the project RPA Databots VIL will develop an accessible and low-cost system, based on Robot Process Automation, for companies to upgrade their level of automation in administrative processes in a short period of time.

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

It is a challenge to merge and process data from different suppliers, logistics service providers, customers and internal departments, even with excellent IT systems. There is a need for an accessible and low-cost system to upgrade the level of automation in administrative processes in a short period of time. ‘Databots’, an application of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), can provide a fast and low-cost solution, especially for SME’s. This application is already being used within larger companies, but still relatively unknown in the logistics sector.

The use of RPA provides the possibility to innovatively digitalize without needing to adjust the existing IT-systems. The software robot works like a virtual twin of the administrative employer, that learns the day-to-day data processing and is, after that, able to do these tasks independently, 24 hours a day if needed. The software robots take over the routine data processing tasks, so the employer can focus on more complex tasks and communication with personnel, suppliers and customers.


Offering companies the opportunity to upgrade their levels of automation and digitize their logistic administrative processes in a short period of time with an accessible and low-cost system.

Specific activities

  • Gaining insight in the different RPA-applications that are available.
  • Mapping of:
    • The used data and document flows that are not yet linked
    • The data and document flows that are being processed manually
  • Listing RPA integrators and the RPA program packages
  • Practically applying RPA technology in logistic processes through a Proof of Concept: including selecting the integrator, making a cost-benefit analysis, testing at two participating companies
  • The POCs will focus on: replacing repetitive tasks, connecting existing internal applications and external data sources and applications
  • Validating the software robots with the participating companies

Practical details

Start: November 2020
Total Lead Time: 18 months

Participating companies

Colruyt Group, Embassy Freight Services Europe, Group Van Loon, Handico Trucking, Hospital Logistics, Mazda Motor Logistics Europe, Snel Logistic Solutions and Van Moer Logistics.

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