The ‘OptiPlan’ project aimed to optimise and make dynamic the planning and delivery processes for pick-ups and deliveries to distribution centres and warehouses. With this project VIL wanted to reduce the number of waiting hours and extra kilometres driven, and optimise the operation of the loading and delivery area of distribution centres.  

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

Currently there are already shippers using slot booking systems to which carriers have to sign up a day ahead to obtain a slot for loading and unloading operations. However besides this group, there are still shippers who do not make any or only a limited planning with their suppliers. This way of working leads in the majority of the cases to a lot of idle times and additional re-registration at warehouses and DC’s.

With this project, VIL wanted to optimise the planning processes using the available data in order to reduce the number of waiting hours and extra kilometres driven and to optimise the staffing of the DCs. An end-to-end approach to ensure a win-win optimisation that benefits both carriers and shippers.


  • Better utilization of available drivers and materials
  • Lower risk of re-registrations and waiting hours
  • Reduction in the amount of lost kilometers
  • Better utilization of loading docks
  • Better service at lower costs



  • Description of existing processes and listing of problems at the participating shippers/retailers and carriers
  • Collecting and analysing concrete data in the area of lead times, waiting times, … at the companies
  • Development of a new concept for the dynamic and real-time rescheduling of slots
  • Carrying out a Proof Of Concept during 6 months, with the active participation of a retailer and 4 transporters
    Analysing the results of the Proof Of Concept and recording lessons learned
  • This project demonstrated that:
    – The current method of working with a static slot booking system leads to unnecessary average waiting times of 52 minutes and creates unnecessary stress for all those involved
    – Implementation of an application that provides daily dynamic and flexible rescheduling based on real-time data, results in a win-win situation for all shippers/retailers and carriers involved.
    – As a result, serious time savings are achieved, trucks and drivers are optimally deployed, under- and over-utilisation at DCs is avoided and unnecessary stress situations are avoided for drivers and office staff


VIL members can download the report (in Dutch) via the VIL library. Non-members can purchase it via our webshop


Start: May 2019
Total lead time: 24 months

Participating companies

Nine companies: Alders International Transport, Be-Mobile Tech, Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium, Colruyt Group, H.Essers, Mobis Parts Europe, NinaTrans, Transport Lux and Transport Wybo.

Projectpartner: Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen


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