IKEO (Collection of small electrical goods online)

With the IKEO project for the collection of small electrical goods online, VIL aims to offer a proactive response to the question of how webshops and their logistics service providers will organize the take-back obligation applying to small electrical appliances logistically.

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Take-back obligation for small electrical appliances

Since the end of 2014, parcel delivery firms have been faced with online consumers who want to hand their old device to the driver when taking delivery of small electrical goods.

According to Article of Vlarema (Flemish Sustainable Management of Material Cycles and Waste Regulations), final sellers of electronic devices delivering such devices to consumers’ homes are required to take away the old device free of charge.

With the strong growth of e-commerce in Flanders and as consumers become more aware of this ‘right’, it is to be expected that the number of old electrical appliances offered to parcel delivery firms will increase sharply. Especially since the government ended its policy of non-enforcement in 2015 …

What are the consequences for logistics?

The various stakeholders are faced with a phenomenon for which there are currently no practical solutions, let alone a standard one.

How will webshops have to adapt their ordering process in response? Who will pay for the return of the old appliance? Where should parcel delivery firms take these old items? Are the current financing mechanisms of Recupel and Bebat sufficient to also finance the collection of old electrical appliances via the online channel?

VIL aims to provide an answer to all of these questions, together with OVAM.

The scope of the project is confined to:

  • small appliances
  • home delivery


Start: March 2016

Lead time: 17 months

Participating companies

Bebat, bpost, Bringme, Bubble Post, BW Imsir, Coolblue, Coolrec and ODTH.

Bebat bpost Bringme Bubble Post BW Imsir Coolblue Coolrec ODTH

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