Future Proof Warehousing

In the project Future Proof Warehousing VIL offers companies more insight in the possibilities of digitization and automation for more efficient, safe and future proof warehouses. The Future Proof Warehousing tool guides companies in making meaningful choices in the transformation of their warehouses in a realistic way. The tool shows the potential and conditions of the digitization and/or automation of certain processes.

status: Closed | theme: Digital transformation | type: Regional

Distribution centers and warehouses are crucial in optimizing the supply chains. They provide storage that supports (irregular) demand and are responsible for the condition and availability of products. They are an important part of the supply chains service system.

But they are also a big cost, the personnel costs in particular are a big part of the budget. Digitization and automation are therefore trending. But which concepts, technologies and systems are available for the warehouse of the future? Companies who want to stay competitive are interested in knowing which investments are meaningful and worthwhile.


VIL members can download the report (in Dutch) via the VIL library. Non-members can purchase it via our webshop


  • The Future Proof Warehousing tool is very easy to use. After filling in a few parameters, the user receives a completely neutral and objective selection of one to three technologies that can be helpful in their company’s warehouse.
  • Companies who wish to use the tool, are guided by VIL in a workshop. With this tool every logistics service provider, producer and retailer can make the necessary preparations to implement automation and digitization, without much effort and being buried under a tidal wave of commercial suppliers.



Start: November 2019
Total Lead Time: 20 months

Participating companies

10 companies: Atlas Copco, Barry Callebaut, Danone, Proximus, Reynaers Aluminium, Ridix, Terumo, Unilin, Globis and WFS.














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