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Digital Gateway 2 Government

The project Digital Gateway 2 Government aims to design IT systems that contribute to more fluent digital communication between companies in the gateways involved in import and export processes, on one hand, and, the relevant government services on the other hand.

status: Running | theme: Digitalization | type: Regional

For the handling of goods in the airports and seaports in Flanders, communication between companies and government services, like customs, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) and the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC), is very important.

The current processes often delay the handling of goods and have a high error rate. This affects the competitiveness of the Flemish gateways. A smooth and cost efficient flow of goods is of crucial importance for their international customer service.

At this time, communication with government services is unstructured and quite inefficient. IT systems are not available in most cases. The ones that are available need properly functioning emergency procedures that prevent delays in cases of technical problems or maintenance.


This project aims to develop new procedures and communication systems for companies and government services. The various stakeholders have the opportunity to actively contribute to this.

Specific Activities (examples)

  • To work out a digital emergency procedure for communication with customs
  • To optimize the practical organization of inspections by FASFC and FANC in the gateways
  • To work out a digital solution to limit the consequences of the Brexit
  • To analyze current processes and work out a ‘to-be’ process. To set up a functional analysis for every use case to help develop a digital solution
  • To set up a roadmap with possible next steps after the project


Start: February 2019
Total lead time: 24 months

Participating companies

Eightteen companies: Atlas Copco Airpower, Aviapartner, BASF, Brussels Airlines, Brussels Airport Company, Crossroad Communications, Evonik, Hapag Lloyd, Intris, Liège Airport, Luchthaven Oostende, MBZ, Neutraal Douaneagentschap Nelen, North Sea Port, NxtPort, Port of Antwerp, Swissport Cargo Services Belgium and WFS.


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