Cool & Fresh Delivery

In this project VIL and Flanders’ FOOD are investigating how
e-commerce companies can best tackle the logistics of fresh refrigerated food products with an eye for food safety, sustainability and affordability.

status: Running | theme: Last mile | type: Regional

Despite the fact that 2020 was a very good year for
e-commerce, online sales of fresh, chilled food remain limited for the time being. The latest market figures indicate that online sales in this category are marginal for the time being but have very high growth rates. The market potential of online fresh food is great.


This project will develop guidelines for a legally sound, economically feasible and scalable logistics model, including the possibilities of integration with existing last-mile logistics. The developed guidelines can optionally be elaborated by the participants in their business cases after the project.

The project looks at the possibilities in the national and international
e-commerce market, both in a B2C and B2B context.


This project allows the participants, together with Flanders’ FOOD and VIL:

  • better understand the consumer expectations with regard to online purchases of fresh refrigerated food
  • identify specific regulatory and logistical challenges
  • learn the technical possibilities
  • learn from best practices worldwide
  • understand what is economically feasible

Specific activities 

  • Mapping the current and desired consumer experience
  • Learning from existing best practices
  • Obtaining legal advice on food safety regulations
  • Devise and propose in guidelines various possibilities and concepts for a legally conclusive, economically feasible and scalable logistics model, including the possibilities of integration in existing last-mile logistics
  • Studying the technical possibilities during transport in terms of packaging, refrigeration techniques and ICT
  • Elaborating a practical manual for the companies


In cooperation with:

Practical details

Start: june 2021
End: may 2023
Total lead time: 24 months

Participating companies

18 companies: Air Liquide, Air Products, BD myShopi, BruFresh Food, Cargo Velo, Dierendonck, DPD Fresh, Dynalogic, Ethelco, Foodbelgium/, Food Express, GLS, Lokkal, Normec Group, Pittman Seafoods, UPFRESH, Urbike and Veresto. 


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Target group

The project is aimed at all companies that are active in the online sale of fresh refrigerated food, or that have plans in that direction.

Food companies with e-commerce activities or aspirations, auctions and wholesalers, traders, webshops and logistics service providers involved in last-mile distribution.
Also packaging companies, cooling technology providers, ICT providers (e-commerce applications/distribution), provinces, POMs, administrative districts, intermunicipalities and city councils. This project also offers added value to e-commerce trade associations.
Both large companies and SMEs are eligible.

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