Blockchain in Supply Chains

With this project VIL investigated the added value of blockchain technology in logistic applications. The focus of this project has been sectors where a safe supply chain is a high priority, like the food, chemical and life science sector. VIL has also examined how blockchain relates to other track & trace solutions in these sectors.

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Supply chains can be complex, with many parties involved who often barely know each other, or not at all. Data traffic connected to the transport of goods is profoundly digitalized to make logistics more efficient and transparent. The customer also has increasingly higher demands regarding the traceability of their goods.

The digitalization and complexity are making supply chains more vulnerable. Transactions need to be executed safely to guarantee the trust between the several actors in the supply chain. Multiple sectors have made efforts to put up track and trace systems between companies and between companies and customers to guarantee transparent product information. Today blockchain is considered as the preferred technology for secure data transfers in the supply chain.


This project must on the one hand provide a foundation for an increase of security and reliability of data traffic in the supply chain and on the other hand provide the possibility to save costs (by optimizing security processes and preventing problems).


  • Blockchain technology will contrubute to more transparant and optimized supply chains
  • Shared, unchangeable blocks of data offer opportunities in terms of
    • security
    • cost reduction
    • automization
  • The principle of “garbage in, garbage out” remains 
    • Transparancy and quality control of all stakeholders is important
  • IoT sensors can help make the connection with physical products and vehicles.
  • The legal uncertainty around blockchain remains high, due to missing specific legislation
  • VIL has developed a blockchain application for
    • track-and-trace
    • e documents


VIL members can download the report and practical guide (in Dutch) via the VIL library. Non-members can purchase both via our webshop

Practical details

Start: December 2017
Total lead time: 24 months

Participating companies

Thirteen companies: Aertssen Group, Atlas Copco, BCTN, bpost, Colruyt, DP World, H.Essers, Gosselin Group, Lineas, Molenbergnatie, Oracle, Randstad and Vinçotte.


Press (in Dutch)

13/11/2019 – VIL persbericht – VIL lanceert blockchainapplicatie voor track-&-trace en e-documenten

11/12/2018 – VIL persbericht – VIL ontwikkelt blockchain software pakketten voor logistieke bedrijven

16/02/2018 – VIL persbericht – Blockchain in supply chains: trend of hype?


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