Logistics trainings

Education is an essential factor for growth in the logitics sector. VIL developed a database of logistic trainings for professionals.

The following organisations offer logistic trainings:

(This list is not exhaustive)

Bachelors, masters and postgraduates

Antwerp Management School – AMS

  • Master of Global Supply Chain Management (MGSCM)

Artevelde Hogeschool

  • Bachelor Logistics Management

Brugge Business School

  • Postgraduate Supply Chain and Operations Management

C-MAT (Centre for Maritime & Air Transport Universiteit Antwerpen)

  • Master of Science in Maritime and Air Transport Management

Hogeschool Gent

  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management

Hogeschool West Vlaanderen

  • Bachelor Business Management– Logistics Management

Karel De Grote Hogeschool

  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management


  • Graduate Logistics, Transport & Mobility


  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management

Provinciaal Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs Limburg

  • Graduate logistics, transport en mobility

PXL Hogeschool

  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management

Thomas More

  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management

UC Leuven-Limburg

  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management

University of Antwerp

  • Advanced Master of Maritime and Transport Law
  • Postgraduate of transport and maritime law
  • Advanced master of Maritime and Air Transport Management
  • Advance master of Maritime Sciences


  • Bachelor Business Management – Logistics Management

Vlerick Business School

  • Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Finance

Open and in-house trainings


  • Green Logistics – sustainable logistics


  • Logistic formations, like warehouse management, distribution and transport management, green logistics, lean supply chain design …


  • Specialized in logistics, transport and safety formations.


  • Warehouse Management, Douane Formalities, Transport management


  • Professional skills formations

IFBD ‐ Institute for Business Development

  • ‘Logistics & Supply Chain Management’

IMF – International Management Forum

  • Logistics Management

Kluwer Trainings

  • Multiple trainings in customs, logistics and transport.  

LOGOS ( PC 226)

  • Practical logistics trainings for employees and job applicants. 


  • multiple practical logistics trainings, in cooperation with BCCL, CTC and Portilog.

Pics Education

  • Multiple supply chain and logistics trainings: training courses, seminars and netwerking events, also certification programs.


  • Practical port related and logistics trainings

Syntra Limburg

  • Short and long term trainings: logistics assistant/advisor/consultant, security advisor, …

Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen

  • Practical en professional trainings: dispatch, logistics assistant, multiple customs trainings, inland shipping, maritime expedition, transport and logisticsmanagement, …

Syntra West

  • Dispatch, customs and expedition, warehouse management, logistics assistant, … 


  • Trainings for job applicants, employees and companies: logistics administrative clerk, international trade and logistics, dispatch, … 

Vereniging Voor Verkeersveiligheid

  • Trainings in ADR and professional skills


  • Multiple trainings: Senior Logistics Management, customs, international trade, …


  • Senior logistics, Operational Logistics, workshops warehouse management (e-learning)


VIL stands for a strong logistical Flanders

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